Friday, 18 September 2009

The very drop of nectar in DIAMOND SUTRA

The very drop of nectar in DIAMOND SUTRA

"Stick nowhere to your thoughts,is the attitude of having your thoughts"~~Buddha

I invite my brethrens of Spirituality to sip & savour tis very depth of Buddha's wisdom. The 6th Zen Master Hui Neng,attained his enlightenment while heard of this quote told by his master.

In Mahayana Zen, Zen people not only know tht :I am not my thoughts (in contrast wth 'I think,therefore i am'), but they r even of the view that thoughts are 1 of the greatest gifts & truths of the universe.Hence,they use it carefully & briskly,as the way they use the wooden bowl during their breakfast.But if the bowl droped and is broken.Without even a sigh & remorse,they will just make a new 1 for their lunch.

Ancient zen people had diluted d truth into daily activities without being torn by d mind of duality.

After d death of D.T. Tsuzuki,not much of attention was drawn to this gist of the gr8 scripture in english language.

May this seed of wisdom sown on your fertile land of consciousness.~~wth metta

Evening break

A cup of tea
A coil of sandal wood incense
Burning before the quaint scripture of Zen
I peruse slowly..
and Time starts settling down..
to the moment where my breathing
ceased at my heart..

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

While d sun on its way back..

The enchantin scene had me speechless for quite a long time...

Friday, 11 September 2009

i saw a secluded n peaceful village in an old pot..

frens of d same frequency

Sis Ma Ah Fong gave her great spiritual talks in d coffee shop as shown.

This group of spiritual frens always hav a sharing session in a coffee shop after meditation.

Frens who fond of spirituality r not easy to find. Once they met, they'l bcome life long spiritual comrades on d path..

'Every single piece of snowflakes falls on where it supposed to be..' said Zen Master Han.

Therer somthng more than coincidence.

Yin + Yang=perfect harmony